Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Boy oh Boy

We got back from Montana on Monday night, and tuesday morning we had our ultrasound. Our baby started out pretty modest but by the end had those legs wide enough we could see it was a boy! We are thrilled and can't wait until he is here!

Montana the State that I Love

We just got back from our annual Foust family reunion. I love going because not only is it almost 30 degrees cooler but the Foust family is amazing. I love that I married in to such a great family. Stu's mom's side is awesome and so is his dad's side. There are usually over 100 people there but the best thing is that everyone is still so close! This year it was the Foust/Bauer family reunion. The Bauers are Stu's grandma's side of the family. They were in charge this year so, instead of going to the ranch we went to Bitterroot Lake and stayed in cabins there. It was so much fun. There was so much to do. There were softball games, volleyball games, a couple of boats and canoes, wake boarding, water Olympics and best of all GREAT food! We were there for three days and then headed up to Glacier Nation Park. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been too. So many great hikes to choose from, a ton of wildlife, and because they have been getting snow into June the run offs were beautiful this year. That made for some amazing waterfalls. There was still snow up on Logan Pass and it was fun to see people hike up and then snowboard down. Yes in the middle of July! I took a picture at 12:48 in the car and the temperature gage was 50 degrees, which later dropped to 48! It was cold but I LOVED it! Then after we stayed a night there for the last three days we went back to the ranch. It was so much fun. There is also so much to do there. Four wheelers, mountain biking, feeding new baby cows, chicks, and pigs. The river was a little too high this year for just a float trip but we had canoes to ride in. We also went to the National Bison range and an Amish Auction. It turned out to be a lot of fun. They had some great furniture, and quilts they auctioned off. They also had really good food. Their homemade ice cream maker was powered by an old John Deer tractor and a Mountain Dew pop can. It was so cool. We had such a great time up there and can't wait until next summer! picnic at the Flathead Lake

one of the baby chicks
mountain bike ride
The dog in the picture is Diesel the ranch dog, he follows you around ever where... that is why he is in our picture.
Poor baby cow! It just wanted to eat, it seemed a little upset even if Stu wasn't really sitting on him.
the Amish Auction

The John Deer, and mountain dew powered ice cream maker!
Uncle Craig, Stu, me and Kim at the auction
Amish horse and wagon

This was taken at 12:48 You better believe it!
East Glacier lodge. It was just as beautiful inside
Yep snowboarding in July.

our hike to Avalanche Lake
Avalanche Lake

This little guy is eating some apple we gave him. He was all over our shoes and hands. He very friendly and so cute!

Fresh mountain water to drink!

The run off was so awesome this year!

Stu's award was hilarious! This was awarded at the Water Olympics. I didn't get a picture of him dressed up but it was a ugliest diver contest and he won because of his outfit.
Just Stu's dad's siblings and their kids. We were even missing about ten people!

Ashley, Jared and Stu feasting.
Softball game