Tuesday, September 30, 2008

31 weeks!

It is so exciting to be down to the single digits. I only have 9 weeks left and I am still feeling great. It is so fun instead of kicks to feel his actual little foot moving across my stomach. He must be getting pretty cramped in there. I am getting anxious to meet our little guy and see what he looks like. Also my little brother just turned in his mission papers, so we should know in a few weeks where he is going!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby's Room

Stu and I started a little early on the baby's room. Stu was going back to school and had a huge load this semester and I needed his help. Also work has been crazy for me and will be up until I have him. We decided to do an old ranch, cowboy theme. We had a lot of fun painting and redoing a cabinet and making cool rusty signs for his room. Stu's dad sent us an awesome hat rack made from old materials from the ranch. It also has the ranch's branding sign on it. My dad helped us a ton with painting and hanging things on the wall. My mom got some really cute cowboy themed accessories from the orange patch, and my sister in law Alex let me borrow her sewing machine. It has taken a while putting it all together, but we love the way it turned out.