Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Everett, and Disneyland

Steve Porter shot this picture for our ward calendar of Riv and my dad in his garden.
I started to make a book for our family journal and took all my old blog posts and realized it is so much easier to have a blog and transfer into a book then to do it by scratch. So, I decided to start my blog up again in hopes I will do better this time around.

We are due in 9 weeks with our second boy who we are naming after Stu's grandpa Everitt Foust. We decided to change the I to an E so we can call him Rhett. We are so excited to add another little boy to our family and can't wait to meet him in just a few weeks. Rivers comes up to my stomach now and says baby Ebritt. It will be so fun for him to have a baby brother.

Stu is finishing up his last semester of his master's program and starts full time with BDO Seedman in June. We love the company and feel so blessed he has been able to work for them for the last year and a half and gets to continue working for them.

We have been cramming in a few trips before tax season gets too busy and Everett gets here. We went to Disneyland a few weeks ago for Stu's birthday, Then to Tucson for Wicked with our friends and then to Utah this last weekend for a boarding/Foust family trip. It was a ton of fun.

Next on our list, baby, tax season, graduation, fixing up the outside and master bath in our house and then Montana in June! We are looking forward to 2011 and all the wonderful things it will bring to our family!

Toy Story Mania was the best ride! Rivers was cracking up the whole time
Rivers with his favorite people in the world, Stu, Mary Poppins and Burt. He is obsessed with the movie and asks for it almost everyday.