Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cali Trip!

We got back this morning at about 2:30 am from California. We went because my cousin Chris got married in the San Diego temple. It was so pretty. I love that temple. We were there for a whole 24 hours. We got to see my cousins which was the best part! I love my mom's side of the family. We always have a great time and laugh a lot when we get together. We are all really close which makes getting together a lot of fun and not a burden. The beach was great and so was the weather. Heath, he is my buddy
Alex and me, we have been best friends since high school and she married Ryan.
Chelsea and Me San Diego temple, It is so pretty and amazing inside.

My cousins Chelsea and Shenelle, we all kind of look alike. Stockton is Jerry and Missy's little boy, He is so funny and such a stud. Benny my cousin

Chris and his new wife Brooke. They make such a great couple.

It was such a fun quick trip and we are so happy for Chris and Brooke!

Montana trip

We went to Montana the last week in July 2007, and it was a blast. The first day we flew into Washington and then Glenn came and picked us up and we drove a couple of hours over to the Foust ranch. On the way to the ranch we went and ate lunch in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It was super pretty. We went to the lake there and just hung out there for a bit.
We spent a day at the ranch then we went to Glacier National Park and spent two days there. It was my first time there and we went hiking and on a boat ride and ate really good food. They call it the American Alps. It was probably the most beautiful place I've ever been to.

We ended up seeing a couple of bears but from our car so I felt very safe. One was about 5 yards away, that was a black bear and the other was a grizzly mom and her baby and they were 50 yards away. We went to Flathead lake and hung out there. We bought fresh cherries and huckleberries. They were so good!

Then we went back to the ranch. which was a ton of fun. Stu has a lot of fun cousins, uncles and aunts. His grandpa is 80 and as Stu would call him the oldest teenager he knows. We have the greatest family! We had a rodeo, there was paint balling, a treasure hunt, canoeing, mud football, horseback riding, quads and float trips down the river. We also had a 20's themed dance in honor of his grandpa's 80th b day. They also had a dinner for him and most of the community came. The rodeo was great! They had sheep riding, bull riding, calf dressing, and had us catch some pheasants. We did the pheasant catch and calf dressing. We were 3rd place in the calf dressing. Our team was Stu, Lance, Jared and Me. They are Stu's cousins and best buds.

Stu's cousins daughter Ashley. She is way fun and has called Stu uncle skittles since she was little. She has named me Starburst.

This is Addie, Ashley's sister. They belong to John and Lisa. She is the happiest baby and Stu and i LOVE her. She is so cute. She is almost a year and she calls her mom Lisa. She is very entertaining.
Jared, Brennen, and me riding J.J, Ci Ci, and Smokey. Smokey has been around longer than Stu. He is old but everyone loves him.

This was after the treasure hunt. Some of the cousins dressed as pirates. They were really good. Stu's grandpa has his hat on backwards. He really is the oldest teenager we know.

This was our team who wrestled the cow to the ground. I put the hot pink underwear on it.

A park in Washington. They had the world's fair here in 1974. There is also a scene from the movie Benny and Joon filmed at this park. I love that movie. The day we went home we spent some time in Washington. It is so green! I wish Arizona was green. We love Montana and can't wait until we can go back next year