Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, baby shower and a girls trip

I figured since I was behind a few posts I would just lump them into one. Anyone who knows Stu might know that he loves to dress up for Halloween. So for the past month he had this idea of us dressing up as Bleeker and Juno from the movie Juno. He went on a hunt for his costume and found some pretty good stuff. I pretty much just needed to find a plaid mini skirt and a orange and white striped shirt. It was an easy costume to pull off since i am 8 months pregnant. Stu even wanted the orange tick tacs and he wanted me to have the blue slushy. Here is what we came up with....

Last Tuesday was my baby shower. My awesome sister in law Alex and her super talented mom Charlie whom we like to call Charlie Mom, threw it for me. It was a lot of fun and the food was great. Thanks to everyone who helped out, Aunt Terri, Kristen and Mikki to name a few it turned out great!

super good cupcakes! Some had Butterfingers, others Oreo they were so good!

Last weekend My friend Melanie her sister Jenn, her friend Tamra and I decided we need to do a girls trip. I wanted to do something fun before the baby came and Stu is too busy with school and work for us to go anywhere together so I decided I would go with some girls instead. We decided to go to Saint George and hit up a store called Tai Pan. It is like a Poppy's mixed with Hobby Lobby but for wholesale prices. It is huge! the size of Costco. I love home decor stuff and lets just say it is worth the drive and I was in heaven. Anyways We drove to Vegas on a Thursday and that night we went and saw Mama Mia the play. Ive seen it before and loved the movie so I was excited to be able to see it again. Then the next morning we drove to Tai Pan and shopped for 4 hours. It was great. We left and drove home all night. It was a great trip and I had so much fun with those girls! Jen had 6 carts! I had two and mel had three. Good thing we brought the trailer!

Jen also brought feather boa's for us to wear to mama mia