Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two weeks

I can't believe how big my baby is getting. He is growing so fast! We love having a baby in our home and he has brought such a sweet spirit.

I love dressing him up!

He really likes his aunt Alex

these are his cowboy pjs, they are the cutest ever!

his lumber jack outfit

My boys. Stu has been such a big help its great!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Riv

Rivers David Foust was born on Dec 4th at 9:26 am. he was 8lbs 13oz and was 22 inches long. He is such a big baby! I went in on the third at 8pm to be induced. They induced me at 10 and it seemed to go by so fast from there. I started pushing at 8 am and he was here just an hour and a half later. He is such a good baby and we are totally in love with him!!

he was just a few minutes old here and look at those cheeks!

first family picture

he is always sleeping

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, baby shower and a girls trip

I figured since I was behind a few posts I would just lump them into one. Anyone who knows Stu might know that he loves to dress up for Halloween. So for the past month he had this idea of us dressing up as Bleeker and Juno from the movie Juno. He went on a hunt for his costume and found some pretty good stuff. I pretty much just needed to find a plaid mini skirt and a orange and white striped shirt. It was an easy costume to pull off since i am 8 months pregnant. Stu even wanted the orange tick tacs and he wanted me to have the blue slushy. Here is what we came up with....

Last Tuesday was my baby shower. My awesome sister in law Alex and her super talented mom Charlie whom we like to call Charlie Mom, threw it for me. It was a lot of fun and the food was great. Thanks to everyone who helped out, Aunt Terri, Kristen and Mikki to name a few it turned out great!

super good cupcakes! Some had Butterfingers, others Oreo they were so good!

Last weekend My friend Melanie her sister Jenn, her friend Tamra and I decided we need to do a girls trip. I wanted to do something fun before the baby came and Stu is too busy with school and work for us to go anywhere together so I decided I would go with some girls instead. We decided to go to Saint George and hit up a store called Tai Pan. It is like a Poppy's mixed with Hobby Lobby but for wholesale prices. It is huge! the size of Costco. I love home decor stuff and lets just say it is worth the drive and I was in heaven. Anyways We drove to Vegas on a Thursday and that night we went and saw Mama Mia the play. Ive seen it before and loved the movie so I was excited to be able to see it again. Then the next morning we drove to Tai Pan and shopped for 4 hours. It was great. We left and drove home all night. It was a great trip and I had so much fun with those girls! Jen had 6 carts! I had two and mel had three. Good thing we brought the trailer!

Jen also brought feather boa's for us to wear to mama mia

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mission call, State Fair (weezer) and Cabin Fun

This last week has been a busy one. First my cute little brother got his mission call, and for the record I totally called it like a month before! He is going to Halifax, Canada. It gets 40 below in the winter. He is going to freeze but we are all super excited for him and can't wait to go there when he is home in the summer time in two and a half years. It is beautiful. For anyone who has seen Anne of Green Gables it takes place in his mission area.

My sister Haylee took 2 hours and decorated this cake for Heath.

Last weekend my mother in law and her husband Greg were down. We had a good time with them and on Friday we were able to go up to Dave and Nancy LeSueur's cabin and spend the day with them and their kids. It was so much fun to be around family and in cooler weather. We love the LeSueur family and always have such a good time when we are with them.

we took Miley and Addie around on the quads.

Greg and Julie. It was so fun having them down from Utah.

Stu with Cole, Carter and Miley

Then on Saturday my brother Heath and his friend Nikki, Alex and Ryan and Stu and I went to the state fair to go to the Weezer concert, but decided to go a little early to spend time at the fair. We went two years ago to see the Beck concert but didn't do anything at the fair and decided to this time. Lets just say I'm not much of a fair girl. It could be that I'm super pregnant and had to walk around a lot or it could be the smell and seeing signs like Deep fried bacon chedder mashed potatoes on a stick. WHAT?! All in all the fair is entertaining, the Indian fry bread was great and Weezer was awesome! We were so bumbed because when we got there people were in our seats and wouldn't move! So we were attempting to get to our seats and the lights went off and the show started. I was just bumbed because our seats were a lot better than where we were. But we enjoyed it a lot and they played a lot of old stuff which we enjoyed. They played a lot from Pinkerton my favorite album. Our little guy sure was rockin out the whole time. It was funny.

I had to take a picture to prove it.

I am glad to know if I ever lost a child at the fair they have a trailer full of them.

Stu kinda looks like a cave man, but it could just be that HUGE turkey leg.

Stu and Heath decided to go on this sketchy fair ride.

They enjoyed every minute of it.

Cute baby goat

We asked the girl working if this cow was pregnant because it was HUGE and she said no it was ready to go to the slaughter house. :( Poor cow it looked so miserable!

I am mad we weren't in our original seats closer! Oh well.

Rivers with a mustache.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

31 weeks!

It is so exciting to be down to the single digits. I only have 9 weeks left and I am still feeling great. It is so fun instead of kicks to feel his actual little foot moving across my stomach. He must be getting pretty cramped in there. I am getting anxious to meet our little guy and see what he looks like. Also my little brother just turned in his mission papers, so we should know in a few weeks where he is going!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby's Room

Stu and I started a little early on the baby's room. Stu was going back to school and had a huge load this semester and I needed his help. Also work has been crazy for me and will be up until I have him. We decided to do an old ranch, cowboy theme. We had a lot of fun painting and redoing a cabinet and making cool rusty signs for his room. Stu's dad sent us an awesome hat rack made from old materials from the ranch. It also has the ranch's branding sign on it. My dad helped us a ton with painting and hanging things on the wall. My mom got some really cute cowboy themed accessories from the orange patch, and my sister in law Alex let me borrow her sewing machine. It has taken a while putting it all together, but we love the way it turned out.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have been really bad at taking pictures week to week. I will be 25 weeks on tuesday and I have really enjoyed being pregnant so far. Our little boy is growing so fast and getting so strong. It is crazy to think he will be here in 3 1/2 months! We are so excited and can't wait to meet our little baby Rivers.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Boy oh Boy

We got back from Montana on Monday night, and tuesday morning we had our ultrasound. Our baby started out pretty modest but by the end had those legs wide enough we could see it was a boy! We are thrilled and can't wait until he is here!

Montana the State that I Love

We just got back from our annual Foust family reunion. I love going because not only is it almost 30 degrees cooler but the Foust family is amazing. I love that I married in to such a great family. Stu's mom's side is awesome and so is his dad's side. There are usually over 100 people there but the best thing is that everyone is still so close! This year it was the Foust/Bauer family reunion. The Bauers are Stu's grandma's side of the family. They were in charge this year so, instead of going to the ranch we went to Bitterroot Lake and stayed in cabins there. It was so much fun. There was so much to do. There were softball games, volleyball games, a couple of boats and canoes, wake boarding, water Olympics and best of all GREAT food! We were there for three days and then headed up to Glacier Nation Park. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been too. So many great hikes to choose from, a ton of wildlife, and because they have been getting snow into June the run offs were beautiful this year. That made for some amazing waterfalls. There was still snow up on Logan Pass and it was fun to see people hike up and then snowboard down. Yes in the middle of July! I took a picture at 12:48 in the car and the temperature gage was 50 degrees, which later dropped to 48! It was cold but I LOVED it! Then after we stayed a night there for the last three days we went back to the ranch. It was so much fun. There is also so much to do there. Four wheelers, mountain biking, feeding new baby cows, chicks, and pigs. The river was a little too high this year for just a float trip but we had canoes to ride in. We also went to the National Bison range and an Amish Auction. It turned out to be a lot of fun. They had some great furniture, and quilts they auctioned off. They also had really good food. Their homemade ice cream maker was powered by an old John Deer tractor and a Mountain Dew pop can. It was so cool. We had such a great time up there and can't wait until next summer! picnic at the Flathead Lake

one of the baby chicks
mountain bike ride
The dog in the picture is Diesel the ranch dog, he follows you around ever where... that is why he is in our picture.
Poor baby cow! It just wanted to eat, it seemed a little upset even if Stu wasn't really sitting on him.
the Amish Auction

The John Deer, and mountain dew powered ice cream maker!
Uncle Craig, Stu, me and Kim at the auction
Amish horse and wagon

This was taken at 12:48 You better believe it!
East Glacier lodge. It was just as beautiful inside
Yep snowboarding in July.

our hike to Avalanche Lake
Avalanche Lake

This little guy is eating some apple we gave him. He was all over our shoes and hands. He very friendly and so cute!

Fresh mountain water to drink!

The run off was so awesome this year!

Stu's award was hilarious! This was awarded at the Water Olympics. I didn't get a picture of him dressed up but it was a ugliest diver contest and he won because of his outfit.
Just Stu's dad's siblings and their kids. We were even missing about ten people!

Ashley, Jared and Stu feasting.
Softball game