Friday, December 4, 2009

Rivey is 1!!

I can't believe my baby is one. I guess he isn't much of a baby anymore. He is taking lots of steps and being naughty. I love him more than anything and I am so grateful he is apart of our family! I figured I would list my 12 favorite things about Rivers, one for each month he has been apart of our family.

12. I love how you throw your bottle as far as you can when you are done drinking it.

11. (I don't love that you are the pickiest eater alive) I do love how you wave your hands back and forth when we put something in your mouth that you don't like.

10. I love to hear you say words and I love how you yell when we clap our hands and say yeah! Its like you are proud of yourself too.

9. I love how you love music and you clap your hands when we start singing if your happy and you know it clap your hands.

8. I love your bird lip

7. I love your brown eyes

6. I love how you get so excited when you see someone you love come in the room.

5. I love it when you are tired and you want to cuddle with me and hold your blanket and play with the yarn on it when you suck your thumb.

4. I love how you see your blanket on the floor and you will crawl and face plant into it and talk gibberish into it.

3. I love that you are happiest when you are outside or when you making a mess. I never knew you could be so cute covered in dirt.

2. I love that you stay in the bath so long you get all wrinkled. You love your bath more than most things!

1. My most favorite thing about you Riv is your gap the size of another tooth in between your two front teeth. It produces the cutest smile ever! I LOVE you turtle and i hope you have a happy birthday!