Monday, March 31, 2008

Park City

This last weekend was so much fun. Stu and I had the chance to go to park city for a vacation with Stu's Dad Glenn, his wife Kim, her son Phil, Lindy, and Scott. We came up here last year for Glenn's birthday and went boarding and it was unanimous we all wanted to go again this year. We arrived early Friday morning and went boarding all day at the Canyons. Glenn and Kim ended up renting an amazing condo. Stu and I were able to have the basement all to ourselves. Then on Saturday we were able to go to the Real Salt Lake soccer game. I have always liked soccer and liked watching it however, I have to say I've never been to a professional game and I LOVED IT! All of us had a really great time. Fernuski works for the Real Salt Lake soccer team so he was able to get us 8th row seats! It was so fun because not only were we able to see the players faces but the crowd got really into it as well. We almost saw a fight break out, so that was exciting. It ended up being a tie but it was great. Later that night Scott suggested for us to eat at the Blue Iguana. I think all of that soccer put us in the mood for good Mexican food. It tasted so good! Then on Sunday we just hung out most of the day in Salt Lake. We went to a Museum and saw an IMAX documentary on the human body. The skiing group ended up going to Deer Valley. All in all it was a great trip and thanks to Glenn and Kim for the amazing food and wonderful time!

I definitely had a hot goggle tan line, and that shadow isn't making it look any better

Happy birthday Scott!

Phil and Lindy

Fernuski working the field at half time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Annie Get Your Gun

Last weekend Stu and myself along with our friends Nolan and Missy decided to go hand gun shooting down at Sycamore Creek. I loved shooting the 22 because I felt like I was in an old John Wayne movie. It looks like those old western hand guns. I was mostly amused with Stu's almost perfect shot. It was the most accurate out of all of us and I enjoyed watching him shoot root beer bottles and hit them on his first try. Nolan is a Tempe Police Officer and his hand gun is a 40 cal. I was a littler nervous to shoot that gun because of how much kick they said it gave off. They were right. I hit WAY above the target . Once I got the hang of it I was able to compensate for the kick and shoot alright. It was a ton of fun and I have to say I might like it better than shot gun shooting.

the 40

Stu and Nolan Shooting

Nolan and Missy

I pretty much feel like im in an old Western movie with this gun

Sometimes i feel really short.

(he was on a rock)

Friday, March 7, 2008

"Horsin' Around"

Last Saturday Stu and I had the opportunity to help out with the annual LeSueur "Horsin' Around". It is a day put on by the LeSueur family that allows children that don't really have anything have a fun and worry free day. It is put on for the Save The Family organization. It was fun. There were horse rides, ropin' lessons, face painting, bounce houses, a petting zoo, a great breakfast, a tractor ride, and some awesome carnival games. Stu and I have been able to help out the last three years. It has been great and it really makes you grateful for everything you have. It is so great to be able to put a smile on all of these families faces. Thanks to all the LeSueur for all of the hard work they put into Horsin' Around this year!

To get things started Katie sang the National Anthem and did such a great job!

Brooke and her mom and Jill serving breakfast

Cotton, Miley, Nixon, Grey, and Addie on the hay ride.

This year we all had matching shirts, even Gus had one! It looks like he is waving but he was playing with the hay.