Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mission call, State Fair (weezer) and Cabin Fun

This last week has been a busy one. First my cute little brother got his mission call, and for the record I totally called it like a month before! He is going to Halifax, Canada. It gets 40 below in the winter. He is going to freeze but we are all super excited for him and can't wait to go there when he is home in the summer time in two and a half years. It is beautiful. For anyone who has seen Anne of Green Gables it takes place in his mission area.

My sister Haylee took 2 hours and decorated this cake for Heath.

Last weekend my mother in law and her husband Greg were down. We had a good time with them and on Friday we were able to go up to Dave and Nancy LeSueur's cabin and spend the day with them and their kids. It was so much fun to be around family and in cooler weather. We love the LeSueur family and always have such a good time when we are with them.

we took Miley and Addie around on the quads.

Greg and Julie. It was so fun having them down from Utah.

Stu with Cole, Carter and Miley

Then on Saturday my brother Heath and his friend Nikki, Alex and Ryan and Stu and I went to the state fair to go to the Weezer concert, but decided to go a little early to spend time at the fair. We went two years ago to see the Beck concert but didn't do anything at the fair and decided to this time. Lets just say I'm not much of a fair girl. It could be that I'm super pregnant and had to walk around a lot or it could be the smell and seeing signs like Deep fried bacon chedder mashed potatoes on a stick. WHAT?! All in all the fair is entertaining, the Indian fry bread was great and Weezer was awesome! We were so bumbed because when we got there people were in our seats and wouldn't move! So we were attempting to get to our seats and the lights went off and the show started. I was just bumbed because our seats were a lot better than where we were. But we enjoyed it a lot and they played a lot of old stuff which we enjoyed. They played a lot from Pinkerton my favorite album. Our little guy sure was rockin out the whole time. It was funny.

I had to take a picture to prove it.

I am glad to know if I ever lost a child at the fair they have a trailer full of them.

Stu kinda looks like a cave man, but it could just be that HUGE turkey leg.

Stu and Heath decided to go on this sketchy fair ride.

They enjoyed every minute of it.

Cute baby goat

We asked the girl working if this cow was pregnant because it was HUGE and she said no it was ready to go to the slaughter house. :( Poor cow it looked so miserable!

I am mad we weren't in our original seats closer! Oh well.

Rivers with a mustache.